Friday, October 7, 2011

Simply Chic

100% chic and charming

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

For the past few days, I have been reading a blog on how to be chic. Good read good post. Though some may not be applicable for me, I am a very private person, so I try to write my thoughts for my own benefit only. But I would love to start on a journey on how to be chic. I will adopt some of the suggestions I have read, look at beautiful/chic women around and learn from them. Today I begin my adventure and journey into a chic, fabulous life without breaking my budget. In fact part of being chic and fabulous, I intend to grow the savings account too. So join me in my journey to chic and fabulous life on a not so fabulous budget.

Always look your best and be presentable

Whether you go out for a jog, buy something at the grocery or just out and about, you make sure that you are at your best self for that particular occasion. Well this involves for my part, planning my wardrobe for the whole week. I have started I make Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings planning for what to wear for the whole week. This may include some dress rehearsals and ironing and washing clothes. Never forget to retouch, retouch and retouch. We have to admit those lovely ladies gracing the glossies have a whole ‘army’ to retouch then from time to time. I may not have the whole army but I will make sure that I stay fresh and presentable though out the day.

Always looking your best and presentable includes a whole lot of spectrum that’s why I have added this one first on the list. Conscious effort to look good all the time should be the aim. But having said that, this does not mean that you become narcissist, but rather fix yourself up, but the minute you step out for the public to view, forget about yourself and exude confidence.

Here's to the start of our journey to a chic life :)
How about you, what do you think are pathways to a more chic and fabulous life?

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