Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Run forest run.....

A few years after I stepped in this island state, I was introduced to a sport called running.  I did not know it was a sport then.  In my “kampong” (by the way that’s how locals refer to one’s hometown province) running was mostly done only when you want to save your life from your neighbor’s dog after you stole mangoes from their mango tree .
But to be fair with my “kampong”, they do now have running competition.  A proof? My sis is a 5 KM Milo finisher.  Clap Clap Clap.
I have always wanted to try out this sport. I find those women running around the block, the park so cool. (At dahil sa ingittera ako) I did go out my way and buy myself running shoes and tried to run around my block and the park. Sad to say it was an on and off relationship with my running shoes. 4 years have passed and with two running shoes in my shoe rack (I buy the second one in the hope to get me motivated, so much for motivation I guess) I still haven’t taken up the sport.

But this year, I have decided I am going to be proactive. There finally, I registered for one of the most celebrated event of the year, The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011. Now let’s see how ‘s this as a motivation for me. All the Best! :) …...dusting off my running shoes ……run forest run

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