Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life happens...

I have promised myself that I would not give any excuses why I haven’t updated my blog.  It’s over a month since my last entry.  So instead of ranting on why I haven’t even dropped by to say hi and ho, well I can only say one thing…Life happens 

I often read successful bloggers say that just go out there and live your life so you have something to blog about.  I guess I took the advice way to seriously, I went out there and live my/our life, however I forgot the part on seating down and writing about how amazing it went. 

So to recap these  are the happenings that have transpired since last mid July.

The little one went for his out of town trip and rode the coach to Malacca Malaysia.  It’s a good 3 to 4 hours drive and he was behaved most of the time.  5 stars for him…
Little one on the way to Malacca
Malacca has more than 500 years of history. It was one of the oldest Malay Sultanate. Its unique historical background means unique local cuisine too, with Peranakan food and Portuguese food.  I would try to feature it in one of my features posts. 

After a 3 day stay in Malacca, we enjoyed the long weekend in Singapore because of the Hari Raya and National Day celebration.  

So my little family took the opportunity and rode the World’s Largest Observation Wheel.  The Singapore Flyer.
Family picture at the World's Largest Giant Observation Wheel
Then off we went to Garden’s by the Bay…
Garden's by the Bay
And before the long weekend winds down, we took the little one to the Chinese Garden, where he was all smiles. 

Happy baby at Chinese Garden
 I guess we have an outdoorsy young man in the making here.

In between all these happenings, well there was the laundry, cooking, ironing and all those stuff.  Plus work and family time, outing and invites of friends and family worship time (Make God the center of your family)

Love your work, and you don't have to work a single day in your life...
inviting positive vibes for the career  Yahoo!!! ;) 

One of the cheaper things to do in Singapore! Picnic at the park.
Quality time spent with family....

Bible reading time, digital style with the little one...

Can't wait to have a real dip soon!!!

Nightlife with friends at McDonald's (East Coast Park)

Whew! Life happens ….. And if I may quote Kung Fu Panda  It’s “Awesome!!!!”

How about you, how’s life lately?


Rackell said...

So cute naman ni baby.. :)

Cherry said...

i agree with you. life happens... i have too many backlogs too. if not for deadlines and mandatory sandwich posts in between sponsored posts/media invites, i may never be able to post our happenings too. :)

kisses to your adorable baby boy!

ranne said...

Thanks for dropping by ladies :)

@Rackell: i'm sure yours will be one cute bundle of joy too

@Cherry: Yes life happens talaga. But what's important is andun tayo when all the action happens...Especially during each milestone of the little ones :)

wet kisses back to you tita cherry - from baby Miguel :)

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